The IPA TC meeting was held at Hotel Crowne Plaza in Okhla on Saturday, January 20th. The main agenda for the meeting was  the  periodical  revision of, ‘Uniform Swimming Pool Code India’ -UPSC-I. Apart from this, topics for the Panel Discussion, Sessions and  the theme ‘Plumbing for a Sustainable Future’ for the upcoming 24th IPC, were finalized. The  topics  included are  ‘Integrated Approach Towards Waste Management’ as well as ‘Rainwater Harvesting Techniques for Coastal Areas’, ‘Energy Efficient Hot Water Systems’ & ‘Smart Water Management’ respectively. The meeting was attended by TC members, Ms Swathy from IAPMO and Ms Avneet.

IPA HQ inauguration

IPA inaugurated its own HQ premises at DLF Prime Towers in Okhla in New Delhi on Saturday, January 20th at 8.30AM . The new IPA office was inaugurated in the esteemed presence of its National Executive Board Members/Technical Committe Members who happened to be in Delhi to attend the BIS Seminar and TC meeting along with  IPADC Chapter Executive members and IPA HQ Staff members. The inauguration ceremony included Ribbon cutting and  Puja.  The office interior and layout  was  appreciated by all the attendees. Later, refreshments were served to all . Sweets were given to all present. 

Present were- Gurmit Singh Arora, BSA Narayan, CS Gupta, Rahul Dhadphale, Vinay Gupta, MK Gupta, Subhash Deshpande, Sharat V. Rao, H R Ranganath, BO Prasanna Kumar, Minesh Shah, Prof. Dr. Asis Mazumdar, Nilesh Gandhi, HK Khilnani, BP Gupta, P. Balasubramanium as well as Swathi Saralya from IAPMO. IPA HQ members including Bhima Rao, Sushanta Sinha, Yogendra Kumar, Avneet Lobana and Dipankar were also in attendance.


Indian Plumbing Association, National Executive Board, President Mr. Sudhakaran Nair and Joint Secretary Mr. John Joseph have resigned from the National Executive Board in September, 2016.

With the consent of NEC Members through E-Resolutions, nominations have been invited from the NEC Members to contest for President and Joint Secretary Positions of IPA NEB.  Mr. V. Srinivas was appointed as Returning Officer.

Only one Nomination received for each position and both have been elected unopposed.

Mr. Gurmit Singh – President, IPA NEB
Mr. Rahul Dhadphale – Joint Secretary IPA NEB

Oath of Office has been administered by the Returning Officer Mr. V. Srinivas on 24th November 2016 during the NEC meeting held at the Gateway Hotel, Kolkata.

President Mr. Gurmit Singh, after taking oath, as per M&AoA Clause 9.1(l) have nominated two Members as President’s Nominee to IPA NEC, Mr. R K Somany and Mr. V Srinivas.

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Community Plumbing Challenge 2016 (CPC) a global competition is being hosted by WASSUP (the Water, Amenities and Sanitation Services Upgrade Programme) and DACN (the Diepsloot Arts and Culture Network), scheduled to be held from 09th to 15th July 2016 in the township of Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, South Africa.


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“You may not end up where you thought you would be, but you will end up, right where you are meant to be.” This saying fits well in the life of one man, whom I know closely for more than a decade by now. He started his career as a  Plumbing Engineer in a contracting firm on 15th November, 1970 but had no clue about what destiny holds for him! This man, precisely after  43 years, on 15th November 2013, took over the reins of global body of plumbing professionals - World Plumbing Council! If this is not destiny, what is it?

He is none other than Mr. Sudhakaran Nair, President of Indian Plumbing Association. He is not only the first Indian, but also the first Asian to be elected to this prestigious position! This is truly an honour for the Indian plumbing fraternity. 

Mr. Sudhakaran Nair, popularly known as SN, is one of the founder members of Indian Plumbing Association, since its inception in 1993. Elected as its National President in 2006, he has since been re-elected twice. He was elected to the Executive Board of the World Plumbing Council (WPC) in March 2005, a first for an Indian, and served the Council for 2 terms of 3 years each as  a Director and one term as the Deputy Chairman.

He forged an alliance between IPA and IAPMO–USA, for drafting and publishing various plumbing codes. IPA and IAPMO-India have brought out five codes in last six years, which by no means is a small achievement! The IPA-IAPMO partnership is now spearheading the Plumbing Education to Employment Programme (PEEP) and the ‘Green Plumbers India’ initiatives across the nation. There can be no doubt that it is SN’s clear thinking that has defined the vision of IPA since 2006, and IPA has seen unprecedented growth over these years, under his able leadership.

Because of his passion and commitment to IPA, people forget that he is also the Managing Director of a hugely successful plumbing contracting company called Essenco. It is a known fact that his involvement with IPA has surely reduced the quality time and finances that he would have otherwise invested in his own organisation.

A look at the career span and achievements of SN, as it unfolds, reminds me of a famous saying of Fidel Castro - “Man does not shape destiny. Destiny produces the man!" How true is it in the case of SN, who too is referred to as ‘dictator,’ of course fondly, by his friends and colleagues???