Since its inception in the early nineties, IPA, a voluntary non-profit organisation, has strived towards improvement of all critical elements of the Indian plumbing industry. IPA’s multipronged approach towards this objective includes –


Until recently, India did not have its own modern plumbing codes and standards covering the substantial global evolution in plumbing engineering.

In 2006 IPA instituted a Technical Committee (TC) comprising some of the best intellects in the Indian plumbing fraternity. The TC has been working in collaboration with the International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) of USA for publication of the following modern plumbing codes and standards.

  • Uniform Plumbing Code – India (UPC-I), a document of current global standards covering all the aspects of design and installation of modern plumbing systems. UPC-I, first edition published in February,2008 was updated and more comprehensive revised versions were published in Nov 2011 and as UIPC - I in Nov 2014.
  • Green Plumbing Code Supplement – India (GPCS-I) in 2010 and 2013
  • Uniform Swimming Pool Code – India (USPC-I) in 2011
  • Uniform Solar Energy Code-India (USEC-I) in 2012
  • Water Efficient Products – India (WEP-I) in  2011 and 2013


  • Launching Plumbing Education to Employment Programme (PEEP), a code based well-structured education and training programme to create Design Engineers, Construction Managers, Master Plumbers & Apprentice Plumbers with skill levels comparable to their counter parts in the developed countries.
  • Installation and operation of a unique Plumbing Laboratory of International standards in Pune, with live demonstrations of numerous aspects of plumbing engineering.
  • Conducting Green Plumbers – India (GP-I) workshops across the country which has created Accredited Trainers and Specialists to spread the message of water and energy conservation.
  • Conducting technical workshops across India for familiarization with the provisions of UPC-I.


  • Conducting India’s only plumbing exhibition of international standards – PlumbexIndia at Mumbai – since 2008. The sixth edition of PlumbexIndia was held in 2014.  
  • National Conference – Indian Plumbing Conference (IPC) held at various cities in India. Twenty two such conferences have been conducted so far. Next IPC is scheduled to be held at Chennai in September 2017.


UIPC-I AND WEP-I form the basis of an IPA supported initiative with IAPMO, USA in product testing and certification to globally benchmark plumbing products for use in India and for export of products manufactured in India. 


  • Monthly publication of Indian Plumbing Today – India’s only magazine devoted to the plumbing trade, since February 2002.
  • Publication of a Collector’s issue – ‘Best of IPT’ with over 500 pages of select articles from previous issues of IPT, in March 2011.
  • Publication of Plumbing Directory of India (PDI).
  • Annual Publication of Plumbing Engineer’s Diary(PED)
  • A unique, one of it’s kind publication titled ‘A Guide to Good Plumbing Practices’.


  • In recognition of the huge body of technical publications created by IPA and the wealth of technical expertise available within the organisation, IPA has been invited to be part of various Code Committees set up by the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • IPA has also signed an MOU with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) in 2012 to adopt and recommend  the  guidelines  laid down  by IPA in its publication ‘Water Efficient Products – India (WEP-I) for all IGBC certified buildings.
  • IPA has recently signed an MOU with the Council of Architecture (COA) for mutual co-operation.  One of the provisions of  the  MOU  is  for  IPA to assist COA in drafting a modern plumbing syllabus for students of architecture.


  • Active participation in the work of global body of plumbing organizations – World Plumbing Council (WPC), resulting in the successful bid to conduct  World Plumbing Conference at New Delhi in November 2013.
  • Nation-wide celebration of World Plumbing Day on March 11, starting from 2010 with the central theme – ‘Plumbing: Vital to Global Health’.
  • Distribution of complimentary copies of Health Aspects of Plumbing (a WPC-WHO publication) and Environmental Aspects of Plumbing (a WPC publication) across the nation to those responsible for provision of clean potable water and safe sanitation.
  • Ongoing successful collaboration with the world-renowned International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) of USA, which resulted in publication of plumbing codes and standards and launch of education/training programs.