Indian Plumbing Today IPT

INDIAN PLUMBING TODAY (IPT) was launched in 2001 as the official publication of the Indian Plumbing Association with Shri S.G. Deolalikar as Managing Editor. IPT was initially a quarterly edition and later turned into a bimonthly from 2002 till June 2006. Today, IPT is a monthly publication and continues to reach every member of the IPA family as well as individuals from allied industries.

IPT regularly features articles from plumbing stalwarts and plumbing organizations in India. Closer interactions with international organizations such as the World Plumbing Council have ensured editorial contributions of repute in IPT. Reciprocal arrangements have also been made with other publications. The editorial brilliance of contributing authors has enhanced the appeal of the magazine, issue after issue.

Alongside, there has been a conscious effort to offer readers variety and move away from an overdose of technical articles. Photo essays, items on lighter side as well as well-researched, illustrated articles etc., have given IPT a reader friendly touch.

IPA appreciates all members of the Editorial Board for their selfless contribution in the successful running of this publication.

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